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Welcome to my counselling and coaching website.
An appointment can be made for counselling and coaching sessions using the button on the right or by phone or email.
Sessions take place in person or on Zoom.  Please email or telephone if the appointment time you require is not available as I may have a late cancellation.

I help my clients to manage stress, anxiety, depression and burnout. I am an experienced IACP accredited Counsellor and Coach with Neuroscience. I have over thirty years of experience working in the mental wellness area helping people to make transformative changes in their lives, working with individuals and many international organisations. My training in counselling and coaching with neuroscience provides a unique combination of skills that can help to make positive changes in a supporting and encouraging way. I have trained in many other relevant areas.

I listen to my clients and provide the space for them to explore their worries and concerns. I help people to explore their work/family life balance and other concerns and to learn new coping strategies and self-care techniques. I help my clients to gain clarity on their values, purpose and goals in order to help them to live more fulfilling lives.

I work with clients who may experience anxiety or panic attacks. I work with people who are going through bereavement and who may have complicated and distressing symptoms and feelings. I listen to my clients as they describe their concerns and their experiences. I teach my clients relaxation strategies and coping mechanisms.

I often use Adlerian Psychology and this can help to explore coping strategies that have been formed in childhood. I use many approaches including Solution Focused Therapy and CBT. I work in a collaborative way with my clients to help them to achieve their goals for counselling. Counselling provides space and time for my clients to express their feelings and to reflect on their concerns.

I offer my clients the opportunity to avail of nature therapy and mindfulness in an urban garden setting where they can be in touch with nature and experience and connect with nature through planting therapy in the potting shed. This might be of interest to people who may live in an apartment or who do not have access to a garden or it may be more comfortable for some people than the direct face to face environment of conventional therapy, or for people who would like to walk or plant as they talk.

Life Coaching is a motivational and life changing process which helps my clients to identify their purpose and achieve their goals. Coaching can help you to explore the context in which you see yourself and your world. Coaching can help you to see yourself and your environment through a different lense. Coaching can empower people to achieve things they never thought possible.

I offer therapy and life coaching sessions online and in person in a private urban area. I work weekdays and some Saturdays.

I understand that we all face difficulties and challenges in life. If you feel that you need help in dealing with stresses or anxiety in life and you would like to restore balance and build resilience then I am here to help you.